critically analyze research articles

A journal club is a forum where students, faculty, scientists, technician, and others come together discuss and critique research articles.   In science these forums are important because they introduce new research ideas and techniques, and they help to stimulate discussion among diverse groups.

In this class, students will participate in online journal club discussions. The goals of these discussions are to help students:

  • critically analyze research articles
  • prepare Power Point presentations
  • present research findings
  • lead an online discussion

You will analyze a journal article from topics assigned by your instructor. This analysis will be presented as a discussion topic to the class, with you acting as discussion moderator. Journal articles will be selected from a list at least two weeks prior to assigned presentation date. Each student will present individually, and presentation will occur during week 6. This presentation is worth 20 percent of the course grade. My topic is A nested PCR Assay to avoid false positive