journal entry

This was originally intended as a journal entry for the week covering Psychology of the Workplace. Keeping that in mind, read through the below scenario, then write a “journal” entry in a Word document and upload it here for extra credit.

See the details at the bottom of the instructions for scoring. Max score is 60 pts and minimum is 30. You will get 30 just for turning something in, but if you really put some thought into this you can earn enough to make up for a full day absent, or over 1/3 of an exam. Give it a go!



You have been hired by a nation-wide design firm and have been working remotely for over a year. Employees work remotely from nearly every state in the US. Even your interview for hiring was done remotely by phone call, so you have only met with your boss and a couple of colleagues via phone conference.

After all this time, your company decides to get everyone together for some team building. So, at company expense, they fly all employees to the home office and hold a retreat weekend. Everything is covered from food to private hotel rooms–the works. Obviously the company is doing well and has a sizable budget. You decide you want to make this a long-term career and hope there is room for you to “climb the ladder” with promotions and recognition. You have the opportunity to make a lasting impression on your boss and others this weekend.

While there, you discover that someone else has been claiming to be you for the past year, and has taken credit for all the hard work you’ve been doing. No one has ever met either of you, and the other person also has identification with your name on it.

What will you do to prove to your boss that YOU are the one and only you?

Write a plan of action for yourself in your journal.



This should be about a page long or so, double-spaced. If it takes longer, that’s fine. But no more than two pages and no less than 3/4 of a page.

You do not need a title page or anything else since this is a “journal entry.”

60 pts = You covered all the bases and put considerable thought into this. By reading it I can tell the boss would have to recognize you as the real deal.

45 pts = You have a lot of detail, but there are some flaws in your thinking and you will likely make the wrong first impression.

30 pts = You managed to offend everyone in management and have been fired.