Time management strategies

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1. The dilemma’s faced in the culture that many corporate businesses portray to their employees. Have you ever felt the pull between work and home balance? What should people do to deal with the pressures to succeed in one or both places?

2. Women who fought corporate America after being discriminated against, meaning women with families are not the “ideal worker” if they expect to have a family. Where did these thoughts come from? How do you see this idea in your life, how have or will you fight that ‘ideal worker’ image and balance family and work when/if the time comes?

3. In Denmark, one of the top “happiest places to live”, family/personal time is a priority and the country has federal laws set in place to protect workers from working over 37hours a week. Is it time for family to start becoming more a priority for men and women alike in the workplace? What ideas do you have to protect your priorities while handling with the stresses of work? How will you protect the time for yourself as well?

4. When speaking to other parents, mostly mothers, about how they are dealing with the pressures of getting everything done when it comes to children, research states while it is good to have children in extracurricular activities, it is not good when we, as parents, over schedule our children to the extent that no one is enjoying their time, parents are serving their children and losing their own identities. When thinking of modern-day parenting, how can we help our children the most with understanding time management and succeeding? Have you or other parents that you know over schedule their family? Is there a change in expectation of our children, especially with the technology aspect?