Grading Criteria for Research

N320 Assignment Part 1 Grading Criteria for Research Review

Criteria Possible Points Points Earned Comments
Tittle Page: no running head, Tittle accurately reflects purpose of research, follows APA format, includes students name, course number and description and Instructors name with page # 2    
Introduction: Identifies nature & scope of the problem & significance of conducting the integrated research review to generate knowledge for nursing practice. 10    
Background: provides background informationexplains & defines problem, explains significance & importance of problem, defines terms if necessary. 10    
Research Problem Statement: Indicates the gap in knowledge needed for nursing practice & provides a basis for the study purpose. 10    
Research Purpose: Clear concise statement of the specific aim or goal of the study, one sentence. 5    
Research Question: Clear, concise interrogative statement, written in present tense, using PICO format with a nursing focus 5    
Research Utilization Model: Explains modelhow it fits with and can be used for your proposed EBP change. Includes simple diagram correctly referenced in paper and with correct heading. 8    
Search Criteria and Results: Includes Data Research Table correctly cited in APA and search terms and results. Includes Literature Review Tables correctly attached and labeled as an Appendix and referenced in this section. General description of types of articles and level of evidence based on the Melnyk rating pyramid. 5    
References: formatted and cited correctly 10    
APA Format

free of spelling and grammatical errors



Total Points Earned____________ (out of 75)