role of an aviation maintenance manager.

For this activity, you will assume the role of an aviation maintenance manager. As the aviation maintenance manager, you are responsible for all maintenance actions and for maintaining aircraft in a serviceable condition. For this assignment, conduct research to identify a current aviation maintenance challenge/issue. In your briefing, you will identify the maintenance issue and provide a maintenance strategy to correct the maintenance issue.


Your presentation must include a minimum of five, but no more than eight, slides not including the title slide or reference slide, have embedded audio, and include speaker notes.


Keep in mind that as a minimum your presentation must:


Identify a current aviation maintenance issue of your choosing.

Explain the impact of the maintenance issue.

Define how scheduled maintenance cycles can be used as part of your strategy in addressing the issue.

Determine and support the role of a reliability program in ensuring that your strategy corrects the issue.

Refer to Presentation Assignment Guidance for more information and review the rubric for this activity.


Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not add punctuation or special characters.


APA format

3 reference minim



Content includes appropriate images (including sources), bulleted statements (sources cited using APA where necessary), or other information and media that the student desires presented in a creative fashion to meet the assignment requirements.



Presentation contains exact number of specified slides and presenter discusses each slide (some assignments require specified length of time per slide).



Student enunciates clearly, the volume makes it understandable; a transcript is provided as directed.


Digital Tool

Student utilizes a digital presentation tool of their choice to create the project. The project loads and is accessible by the reviewer.