Air pollution

Prior to working on this activity, read and watch the resources below on concepts of energy use

and air pollution.

• Climate 101: Renewable Energy (Links to an external site.)

• What Is Solar Power? (Links to an external site.)

• See the World’s First Floating Wind Farm (Links to an external site.)

• Ozone Depletion 101 (Links to an external site.)

• Climate Change 101: Cause and Effect (Links to an external site.)

• Air Pollution 101 | National Geographic (Links to an external site.)

Locate an online news article from the state in which you currently live (Oklahoma), written

within the last two years, that discusses air pollution based on the criteria that is listed below.

• Read the article, and provide both the link to the article as well as a brief 75- to 100-

word summary.

• Explain how the content from this article is relevant to your health and your degree or

targeted profession.

• Propose one solution that will help address the source or clean-up of air pollution in

your state (Oklahoma).

Complete the following based on your college:

• Since your degree is business related: find an article that discusses some aspect of how

air pollution may affect businesses in your area or state (e.g., air pollution leading to

higher costs for business owners).