APA And Case Study

1) Respond to the following in 200 words:

· Briefly describe one property crime and one violent crime.

· Identify the direct and indirect victim(s) of each crime.

· Explain the effect of the crimes on both direct and indirect victims and how their needs differ. For each crime, address the effects on two of these areas:

· Medical

· Emotional

· Physical

· Financial



2) Respond to the following in 200 words:

· Based on the case or news item that your instructor posted or that you found, describe one bias you may have in relation to the circumstances.

· Determine whether your bias falls in the category of victim blaming or is a bias toward the offender and explain why.

· Explain how media coverage of the case contributes to overall bias and the possibility of jury bias.



3) Respond to the following in 500 words:

· Describe the criminal case you selected. Then, explain how the criminal case has influenced legislation and affected the evolution of victimology.

· Explain how this legislation elevated the status of victims in the American criminal justice system.

· Explain how the case highlights the victim perspective in a way previously not considered in typical views of the crime.

· Describe the positive changes that have occurred in terms of support for victims.

· Make one recommendation to address a need that still exists to support victims in the criminal justice system. Explain how your recommendation helps.