Community Assessment Part Three – Data Analysis

WS 5.2 Data Analysis Collection Tool, to support Community Priority Nursing Diagnoses

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Use this tool to analyze the community assessment data gathered in Parts One, and Two. You will need to state a strength and a weakness that you found in your research for your community in each part of the subsystems. Be sure to cite sources on your findings and add to the reference list.

For your Gap Analysis area in the Collection Tool, you should state a minimum of three weaknesses that affect your at-risk population. Then you will need to state a Community statistic and either a state and/or national statistic to use for comparisons. These will help you decide the Community Nursing Diagnoses.

This assignment should not exceed five data collection pages.

Strengths Weaknesses




Safety Transportation




Health and Social Services








At-Risk Population Gap Analysis
At-Risk Population Community Statistics State Statistics National Statistics
Problems identified


Nursing Diagnoses- Related to At-Risk Population

Community nursing diagnosis #1 –

Community nursing diagnosis #2 –

Community nursing diagnosis #3

Field Work

Report your findings from the interviews with this At-Risk Population.




Conclusion/Summary of your findings about your community and at-risk population.