documentary series of The Trial of Gabriel Fernandez.

Is based on the 6-episode Netflix documentary series of The Trial of Gabriel Fernandez. APA Manual of Style. 5–6 pages in length. You are required to watch the 6 episodes of this documentary on Netflix, please plan accordingly so that you are able to watch the entire series. You should apply knowledge from the class readings within and include citations from assigned class readings and textThis is an assessment of your ability to apply course materials and any additional child maltreatment related research and theories to this case. Please include citations and references from the readings. You are required to use the terms learned in class to describe any instances of child maltreatment. Academic statements will be reviewed and I will be looking for factual research and academic material to be referenced in an accurate manner. Your critical analysis of the case should be more than a summary but rather a well thought out and organized analysis of child maltreatment (including Risk & protective factors, abuse types, parental factors, child welfare response, etc.). Please do not write in a conversational, opinionated tone. Should be professionally and factually as possible with proper grammar. headings, citations and references are ALL correctly in APA style