Be sure to explain your answers and back yourself up with either references to the textbook reading or outside sources, such as the Virginia State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct or the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct (properly cited, of course).  These general instructions can be viewed any time in the similarly-named module on the Home page of your class in Canvas.

Video Case Study #1 Questions:

Watch the first minute of this video and then pause and see if you can answer the following:

  • Should Dante have engaged in his friend’s conversation about his lease?
  • What potential problems do you foresee for Dante?

Before watching the rest of the video, try to think of another approach Dante could have taken where he could both help his friend and not “practice law,” then answer the following:

  • Do you think that reading the lease is UPL?
  • How about when Dante asks his friend questions about other tenants and their pets?
  • Is asking questions practicing law?
  • Is suggesting alternative approaches to his friend the same as giving him legal advice?

References cited MUST include URL