As a mental health worker, it is essential to understand the family systems: Individuals and their roles and boundaries. This assignments will help you understand how to analyze a family system.

Cite two to four sources (in addition to the textbook) to support your answers.

After viewing the What’s Eating Gilbert Grape film and reading the “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Case Study,” answer the following prompts:

Explain the roles within Gilbert’s family (50 words each):















Explain the rules of Gilbert’s family (50-75 words):


Explain Bowen’s family Systems Theory (150-200 words):


Explain if Bowen’s family roles are apparent in the film (150-200 words).


Explain how roles change within family life cycle transitions and why (150-200 words).


Provide an example of a family system you know. Define the roles, explain the rules, and if you have witnessed the change of roles within that family’s life cycle (250-300 words).