Writing For Nursing And Health Care Profession

Remember when you are creating an outline that each heading MUST have a minimum of two (2) subheadings.  The rationale lies in the thinking that if you cannot think of at least two items to flesh out a specific heading then the information in that one subheading is really part of the topic in the heading.

I. Introduction to topic II. Topic:  Abuse of alcohol and opioids can affect individuals economically, physically, and emotionally

A. Economically   1. Alcohol

a. Cost to buy alcohol    b. Cost of legal proceedings    c. Cost of property damage

2. Opioids

a. Cost of legal prescriptions    b. Cost of illegal purchases    c. Cost of legal proceedings

B. Physical effects   1. Alcohol

a. Poor nutrition    b. Liver damage    c. Depression

2. Opioids

a. Infection from use of dirty needles    b. Tolerance and dependence    c. Depression

C. Emotional effects

lll. Next topic, etc.


Selecting Credible Sources

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